Nov 30th- Showtime 8pm

Witherspoon Distillery   

225 S Charles St, Lewisville, TX 75057

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Featured Comics
Flo Hernandez - Video Clip

Alfred Kianga- Video Clip

Tyson Faifer- Video Clip


Food Truck- TBA

Witherspoon Distillery was founded by US Marines and proud to host the this special event to benefit the US Marines Toys For Tots

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        Toys For Tots Benefit Shows Nov 30th & Dec 1st

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2017 Toys for Tots Shows 

4th Annual Toys For Tots Benefit Show

 and more!

Dec 1st- Showtime 8:30pm

Community Beer Company 

1530 Inspiration Dr #200, Dallas, TX 75207 

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Featured Comics

David Jessup- Video Clip

Tyson Faifer- Video Clip

Jon Stringer- Video Clip


Food Truck- Tacos, Bites and Beats- [check them out]

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